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Why YagiPay Currently Uses a Private Bank Information and Not a Corporate Bank Information

One question (among other numerous questions) that we often do receive from users with respect to the authenticity and reliability of the YagiPay platform is “If YagiPay is truly a genuine platform, why do you use a private bank account information (and not a corporate bank account information) to receive payments on the platform?”. This question has been asked numerous times such that we found it ideal to publicly address the issue here.

Sincerely we (the YagiPay team) also understand that a platform such as ours should be using a corporate bank account information for our transactions. we also understand that using a private bank account information has a way of bridging the trust that users should have on our platform, as well as increases doubts about the authenticity of our platform.

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We actually give credits to users who might doubt the services and operations of YagiPay (based on the fact that we use a private bank account information) because of the numerous scam acts found on the internet these days; but we plead to users to listen to ‘our own side of the story’.

Our Story ::

Right before the official lunching of the YagiPay platform (on the 1st of October, 2016), we have been working on getting a corporate bank account information for the operations of YagiPay. When we approached our preferred bank (Guaranty Trust Bank – GTBank) for a corporate account, one of the numerous documents required in order to open the account was a ‘Certificate of Business Registration’, which should be acquired from the Corporate Affair Commission (CAC) of Nigeria. This implies that we are required to fully register a corporate business name in Nigeria and acquire the certificate of business registration from CAC.

Any business-inclined person in Nigeria will agree with us that the processes and procedures involved in getting a certificate of business registration is quite a rigorous one.

At the moment, we have recorded a remarkable success in the processes required in order to obtain the certificate, but there are still a few more processes needed. We sincerely appeal to all users of the YagiPay platform to exercise patience with us while we do our best in order to obtain the certificate and also open a corporate bank account. As soon as we are able to open the bank account, we will update our bank account information on our platform.

Why Should You Believe Our Story ::

It is quite understandable if you didn’t believe our claims. We (the YagiPay team) know that you are a human just like us, hence you might have issues with trusting other people. We also acknowledge that we might not be able to provide tangible set of evidences in order to proof our story and authenticity, but we have added a few screenshots below in order to justify our claims.

Please Note :: We are processing the certificate under the corporate business name of “KwadosKoncept Innovations“.

  • CAC company search result for the business name ‘KwadosKoncept’

CAC company search result for the business name 'KwadosKoncept'

  • CAC – Payment notification received after making the necessary payments for the business name.

Payment notification received after making the necessary payments for the business name.

  • REMITA receipt for business name registration.

CAC receipt for business name registration.

Still Want To Verify Our Claims?!

At this point, if you are still not convinced about our authenticity, and still wish to verify our claims, then you can do any of the following:

  • Visit the official CAC website, click on “Click here for Public Search” … On the landing/next page, enter ‘Kwadoskoncept Innovations’ in the search bar and hit the Search button. {The search result should display all the necessary information about the business name}.
  • Visit any CAC office or the CAC website, then try to register for the business name ‘KwadosKoncept Innovations’. {You should be notified that the registration failed because the business name has already been registered}.
  • Visit Mr. Christopher (click here to view Contact info) and request for the CAC documents for our business name registration.
  • When you visit Mr. Christopher, also request that he login to the CAC online portal, so that you can actually verify the business name registration.

Attention :: You will agree with us that if we are not genuine or if we have something to hide, then we will NOT have the courage to place a physical contact address on out Contact page.

I believe that we have properly addressed this issue. If are still doubting the authenticity of our platform, then I will advice you not to invest on our platform yet; just do the following:

  • Stand by the side and observe our platform properly.
  • Follow-up with our various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc (click here to get our social media information) and read what other people are posting about us.
  • Check out our payment proofs and testimonies (Click Here).

Whenever you are convinced about the YagiPay platform, then you can join us; but remember that “a time lost can never be regained“. The earlier you join us, the earlier you start liberating yourself from you current financial status.

Thank you for stopping by. … YagiPay is truly concerned about your financial success and independence.


Updated: September 20, 2016 — 11:12 pm


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  1. That is a very good tip especially to those new to just a system.
    Brief but very accurate information… Many thanks for this clarification.

    1. Thanks for your understanding. @Ebuka

  2. Now I understand better.

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