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What You Should Know About The Various Plans On YagiPay

At this moment, we assume that you fully understand what the YagiPay platform is all about (Click Here if you don’t). Most users on the platform often do request for a clarification on the differences between the various plans on the platform; others also care to know ‘why the plans are not merged together as a single plan’.

We currently deem it ideal to publicly address this issue on this blog in order to avoid the misconceptions and misunderstandings that might exist among users of the platform. The backbone aim of the YagiPay platform is to stand as transparent platform which would serve as a reliable source of income for all members of the platform.

In order to achieve that aim, the YagiPay team concluded to create the platform to utilize the principles of ‘People-Helping-People To Succeed‘. We also tried to picture the various scenarios/forms in which the principle can be implemented and profitable to users. After close examinations, we were able to summarize the principle into five (5) different scenarios/forms which makes up the 5 different plans on the YagiPay platform.

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The major similarity of all these plans lies in the fact that all the plans has been designed to generate cash income (in form of commission) for all active members; while the differences between the plans lies in the commission rate, the plan activation fee, the principles, terms and algorithm applied to each of the plans.

At the time of compiling this post, YagiPay currently maintains 5 plans and 2 schemes on the platform. Below is a brief summary of the various plans and schemes on the platform ::

The Five-By-Five (5×5) Plan(Learn More..)

  • Plan Activation Fee :: Five hundred Naira (₦500)
  • Commission Rate :: 20% from level 1 downlines, 20% from level 2 downlines, 20% from level 3 downlines, 20% from level 4 downlines, 10% from level 5 downlines.

The Direct Pay Plan (DPP)(Learn More..)

  • Plan Activation :: Five hundred Naira (₦500)
  • Commission Rate :: 50% from some level 1 downlines, 50% from some level 2 downlines

The Monthly Salary Plan (MSP)(Learn More..)

  • Plan Activation :: Eight hundred Naira (₦800)
  • Commission Rate :: 70% from all level 1 downlines

The Refer-And-Take-All Plan (RATA)(Learn More..)

  • Plan Activation :: One Thousand Naira (₦1,000)
  • Commission Rate :: 100% from all level 1 downlines

The Dynamite Plan (TDP)(Learn More..)

  • Plan Activation :: One Thousand, Two Hundred Naira (₦1,200)
  • Commission Rate :: 40% from level 1 downlines; 10% from level 2 downlines; 10% from level 3 downlines; 6% from level 4 downlines; 6% from level 5 downlines; 5% from level 6 downlines; 5% from level 7 downlines; 4% from level 8 downlines; 3% from level 9 downlines; 3% from level 10 downlines.

The YagiAssure Scheme(Learn More..)

  • This scheme guarantees that every active member on the YagiPay platform must earn a minimum cumulative sum of 1.5 million Naira (₦1,500,000) within the first calendar year (12 months) of his/her registration on the platform. If a YagiPay member adheres strictly to the terms & conditions of the YagiAssure scheme but was still unable to earn a minimum sum of 1.5 million Naira (₦1,500,000) within the first calendar year on the platform, the YagiPay team will pay such a member an instant two million Naira (₦2,000,000) … No Questions Asked!!

The YagiLoan Scheme(Learn More..)

  • This scheme is designed with the aim to assist any eligible YagiPay member who is in need of a financial aid. The scheme is designed to grant instant financial loan to any eligible member of YagiPay platform.

Please Note:

  • You must activate any of the plans above before your downline(s) activates the plan before you can earn the commission associated with the plan.

  • Also, your downline(s) must activate any of the plans above before you can earn the commission associated with the plan.

Click Here for 10 Reasons Why You Should Activate All The Plans.

At this point, we assume that you now have a clear overview of the plans and schemes on the YagiPay platform. If you still have any enquiry/question, please drop it on the comment box below.

Thank you for stopping by. … YagiPay is truly concerned about your financial success and independence.


Updated: September 22, 2016 — 7:23 pm


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  1. wow..this sounds like a real one….but the explainations are too much that it appeared confucing.. you can make it a lot simpler to understand…too long processes to explain..#justmyviewpoint. check this out, it might help:

    1. @jasons .. Thanks for your comment and recommendation.
      We will always try as much as possible to keep things simple and transparent.
      However, if you need any form of clarification, please contact us via https://www.yagipay.com/contact_us.php ..
      Thanks once again.

      1. Anyone who reads this article should be all set to kick off. You nailed it.!

    2. I’m so glad I finally found my solution here.

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