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Use These Tips To Promote Your Referral Username

The success of any member in any Networking Business lies greatly on his/her ability to invite more people into the business as his/her Downlines (…YagiPay is not an exception!!). Therefore proper marketing, publicity, and promotion of Invitation/Referral ID plays a vital role in every networking business. The truth is that the only limit you have with regards to how far you can go with your publicity is your mindset and creativity.

It is popularly said that “Ideas rule the world”, hence your ability to come-up with new creative and promotion ideas makes you unique, stands you out from the crowd, and leads to greater earning.

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At YagiPay, you are not restricted to only online-based publicity nor offline-based publicity. You can go as wide and far as you can conceive in order to promote your referral id/code. But since we are also concerned about the financial success of every member on this platform, we have created this post in order to share some useful tips that you can implement in order to achieve a greater success on this platform.

Some Useful Promotion Tips ::

Here are some promotion tips that we have complied for you. Feel free to implement each/all of them, and also add your own creative ideas to it.

  • Create nice and professional promotion articles suitable for SMS (Text Messages), Email Messages, Forum Discussions, Chats, etc.
  • Also create a short (between 1 – 2 minutes) but professional promotion Voice Note that you can send to you contacts and friends via different platforms such as Whatsapp, BBM, Facebook, etc.
  • Start your promotion by tell everybody around you about YagiPay :: This include your family, friends, colleagues, mates, neigbours, etc.
  • Write and discuss about YagiPay on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, etc.
  • Write and discuss about YagiPay on online discussion forums such as Nairaland, Naijaloaded, NigerianBestForum, etc.
  • Organize FREE seminars and introduce the YagiPay platform to your attendees.
  • Create and share handbills & fliers to people.
  • Create and paste banners & posters around your city.
  • Send text messages to a larger number of phone users using bulksms services.
  • Promote your referral code/link via chatting platforms such as Whatsapp, BBM, Skype, etc.
  • Issue out recruitment form to your prospects and encourage other people to help you to share the form.
  • Promote your referral code/link via free and paid adverts :: Some certified advertising platforms include the Facebook Ads, the Google Adword, Adblabla, WinThrillsNetwork, etc
  • Also promote your referral code/link by placing banner adverts on different blogs and websites (..you may or may not need to pay the owner of the blog/website).
  • Also share the YagiPay platform via Email marketing :: Send your promotion messages to as many emails as possible (..please do not spam).
  • Whenever there is a gathering of people (such as in a church, mosque, school, meetings, parties, etc), utilize that avenue to introduce the YagiPay platform to everyone, and encourage them to register with your referral ID/Code.

Helpful Promotion Tips from YagiPay - Image

  • When promoting via Facebook, you can do the following ::
  1. Run a paid Facebook Advert/Ads
  2. Post your promotion articles on your Facebook timeline
  3. Post your promotion articles on the timeline of all your Facebook friends
  4. Post your promotion articles as a comment to other people’s post
  5. Join many Facebook Groups and post your promotion articles on the groups
  6. Send your promotion articles as a message to your Facebook friends
  7. Make many Facebook friends (up to 5000 friends), and introduce the platform to each of them
  • When promoting via chatting platforms such as Whatsapp, BBM, etc, you can do the following ::
  1. Add as many contacts/phone-numbers/user-ids/pins as possible -both known and unknown- , have a warm chat with the person, then introduce the YagiPay platform to the person.
  2. Create chatting groups/channels (such as a Whatsapp group, BBM channels, etc), add people to the group/channel and spread ‘the word’.
  3. Join other numerous chatting groups/channels and spread ‘the word’.

Remember, the end result is to get many people to join the YagiPay platform via your referral ID/Code, so put in your best effort.

According to Nicolo Machiavelli, “The end justifies the means”.

Thank you for stopping by. … YagiPay is truly concerned about your financial success and independence.


Updated: September 19, 2016 — 7:48 pm

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