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Use These Banners To Promote Your Referral Username

According to statistics from some marketing experts, picture-based advertisements (such as banners, fliers, etc) yield more results than mere text advertisements. During my conversation with Mr. Ekaose (CEO of EkAdvert Services), he disclosed that picture-based advertisements tend to produce more results because images have a greater tendency of attracting someone’s attention than text. According to him, people are more attracted to what they see than to what they hear. In addition, he disclosed that this is the reason why kids prefer, understand, and retain movies more than reading textbooks. He also added that unlike text adverts, picture-based adverts give a room for a better expression of the event/product, also picture-based adverts tends to leave a visual illusion of the picture in the mind of the viewer (even after walking out from the picture) thereby making it possible for the viewer to retain what he/she saw. “That is probably the reason why school kids in the crèche/kindergarten and nursery classes are being taught with books filled with more pictures … because they need to see in order to retain more.”, He said. ….(#LetsCutTheLongStoryShort)

This is the major reason why we have decided to assist our members with some picture-based promotion tools which will help each member to achieve more from the YagiPay platform. On this post, we will be publishing several picture-based tools such as banners, fliers, handbills, etc.

We have divided these tools into 4 categories, which are :: Clickable Banners, Non-Clickable Banners, Motivational/Generic Images, and Profile-Picture-Fitted Images/Banners.

Clickable Banners ::

This type of banners/tools are designed for any user who wishes to promote his/her referral link on any platform which allows him/her to paste HTML codes. These clickable banners are recommended for blog and website owners/administrator. In order to use a clickable banner, the user simply needs to copy the associated HTML code (replace the word CSONSTA with his/her own login username) and then paste the code on the targeted platform. The banner will automatically display and anyone who clicks on the banner will be redirected to the YagiPay platform and will be automatically identified as your downline.
NOTE :: The clickable banners do not contain invitation code, therefore do not use just the banners because it won’t be clickable and your prospects/viewers will also NOT know the invitation code to use during their registration. Always ensure that you implement the clickable banners by copying the associated HTML codes and changing the word CSONSTA to your own username.
Banner _YagipayHTML Source Code ::

<a href=”http://www.yagipay.com/?r=CSONSTA” target=”_blank”><img src=”http://www.yagiblog.com/mypicx/YagiPay_Banner_1_Clickable_400x400.png” width=”100%” alt=”Banner _Yagipay”/></a>

Non-Clickable Banners ::

This type of banners are designed to contain the invitation code of the promoter. We also provide the customizable/editable version of these types of banners so that each user can easily change the already existing username on the banner into his/her username. In order to use these banners, the user is required to download the editable version of the banner (often in psd format), then use the appropriate tool (photoshop) to remove and replace the existing username (CSONSTA) with his/her own username; save the edited banner, and you are ‘good to go!’.
If you cannot edit the banners by yourself, then you may request for the services of someone who has at least a basic knowledge of photoshop. … OR simply request for your own customized banner by contacting us (via the details of our Contact Us page) or drop your request on the comment box below. We will get back to you with your own personalized banner.

Please ensure that you provide the Banner ID, and your username during your request.

YagiPay - Non Clickable Banner 001

Banner ID :: Non-Clickable-001 (Click Here to download the editable version)

Motivational/Generic Images ::

These are often public pictures which may or may not contain any specific information about the YagiPay platform. These pictures can be generally used for other purposes, but we believe they can also be useful to our members and can help them with their campaign. They are mostly recommended to be used as ‘follow-up’ images.

YagiPay Generic Banner 1

Banner ID :: Gen-002

YagiPay Generic Banner 2

Banner ID :: Gen-001

Profile-Picture-Fitted images/Banners ::

These type of images can either be non-clickable banners or generic images, but they have been designed to properly fit in as a profile picture in most of the popular social media platforms such as the Whatsapp profile picture, Blackberry Messenger (BBM) profile picture, Twitter profile picture, Facebook profile picture, etc.

We recommend that you use these type of images as your profile picture so that you can easily engage anyone who views your account’s profile picture.

YagiPay Profile Picture Image 001

Banner ID :: PPF-001

Attention ::

  • Always check back on this page as we will keep adding more promotion tools here.
  • Be creative!, … Do not only use the banners published on this page; create your own promotion banners, it makes you unique and makes you to stand-out from others.
  • If you are able to create your own banner, but need some professional finishing on the banner, feel free to send the raw (.psd) file of the banner to us, and we will do justice to the banner.

Thank you for stopping by. … YagiPay is truly concerned about your financial success and independence.


Updated: October 18, 2016 — 8:24 pm

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