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Understanding The YagiLoan Scheme

The YagiLoan scheme is a unique scheme (on the YagiPay platform) specially designed with the aim to assist any eligible YagiPay member who is in need of a financial aid. The scheme is designed to grant instant financial loan to any eligible member of YagiPay platform.

It is ideal to note that the maximum cash limit being granted to members on the platform varies among members; based on some preset algorithm such as the members rank on the platform, the members dynamite matrix plan, and other factors.

All loan requests are manually considered and only approved to members who have proven to be active and really committed on the YagiPay platform.

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Benefits Of The YagiLoan Scheme

The YagiLoan scheme is designed with loads of amazing features and benefits which include the following:

  • No Added Interest On Loans :: The Yagiloan scheme features a zero percent (0%) interest rate. This implies that any member who borrows money from the scheme will be required to refund only the exact amount that was lend to him/her. … No Extra Charge Added
  • No Collateral Needed :: Unlike most loan scheme in existence, the YagiLoan scheme features a ‘No Collateral’ terms. This implies that any member who wish to borrow money from the scheme will NOT be required to present any property as a collateral for the loan. All that is required from the member is ‘being an active and committed YagiPay member’.
  • No Loan Refund Time Limit :: With the YagiLoan scheme, beneficiaries are not mandated to refund their loan within any set time frame. This implies that when a loan is granted to a member, he/she is permitted to refund the loan at anytime he/she deems convenient. Beneficiaries can hold-on to the loan for 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 6 years, 10 years, ….. Anytime!!
  • No Mandatory Cash Refund For Loans :: One unique and amazing feature of the YagiLoan scheme is that beneficiaries are not mandated to refund their loan from their pocket. This implies that any member who is being granted a loan from the scheme can decide not to refund the loan using his/her own money. Provided he/she remains an active member on the platform, his/her loan debt will be adequately taken care of from the commissions he/she generates on the platform.
  • No Unnecessary Endorsement/Signing of Documents :: With the YagiLoan scheme, any member who applies for a loan will not be required to go through the rigorous process of signing papers neither will he/she be required to provide some legal documents. The scheme is designed to completely run on a hands-free procedure.
  • Instant Loan Lending :: Granting of loans on the YagiLoan scheme is designed to be instant. Any member who requests for a loan on the scheme should expect to receive the loan within the next 24 working hours (maximum of 48 hours).

Some Limitations Of The YagiLoan Scheme

  • At the moment, loans are only granted to members who are between the membership rank of ‘Senior Leader’ and ‘Grand Master’ (Senior Leader and Grand Master included). This is to ensure that the loan applicant is indeed a committed and active YagiPay member.
  • Members are only granted one loan at a time. In order to receive another loan, an applicant must refund any existing debt associated with his/her account.
  • The amount being granted to members differs between each YagiPay member. This is based on some preset algorithm.

The YagiLoan Grant Table

Below is a tabular representation of the maximum amount that are currently being granted to the various YagiPay members — based on their Dynamite matrix plan, and Membership rank –.

YagiLoan Grant Limits - Get free cash loan today from YagiPayClick Here to view a larger table.

Thank you for stopping by. … YagiPay is truly concerned about your financial success and independence.


Updated: September 18, 2016 — 6:07 am

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  1. At last! I found something that really explains this plan! Thanks for posting!

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