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Proof of Payments, and Testimonies

Here at YagiPay, we also understand that you and I are both human, and as a result, we often require some concrete evidences before we invest our money into any platform/system. We also understand that you might have some doubts and questions going-on within you as regards the authenticity and reliability of the YagiPay platform. These (and more) are the reasons why we created this page.

This page is designed to house pictorial evidence of users who have received a cash payment from the YagiPay platform as well as testimonies of such users. We are vividly aware that we can manipulate some fake payment proofs & testimonies (..just like other likely platforms) but we will NEVER do such a thing because we have pledged to forever remain transparent and reliable.

Make legal money online - YagiPayDepending on when you are viewing this page, there might be little or no ‘payment proof’ displayed on this page. This is solely because the YagiPay platform is currently a new platform (officially lunched on 1st-October-2016) hence there might be little or no member who can attest to the services of YagiPay and/or have received a payment from the platform.

Take Us For Our Words … (YagiPay … Truly Pays)

Though there might be little or no proofs on this page to truly convince you that we are real and legal, but we urge you to challenge us today in order to ascertain if YagiPay truly pays or not.

Give us some “benefits of doubt”, and invest on the YagiPay platform and we bet you that you will forever bless the day you discovered the YagiPay platform.

Our Challenge To You.

Yes!! … At this moment, we hereby challenge you to be among the first ten (10) YagiPay members whose payment evidence and testimony will be published on this page and you will instantly win ₦2,000 (two Thousand ₦aira).

₦2,000 could be yours in less than 24 hours from now,.. Only accept our challenge (Register Now!!)

Thank you for stopping by. … YagiPay is truly concerned about your financial success and independence.


Updated: September 17, 2016 — 8:04 pm

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