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Understanding The YagiLoan Scheme

Get instant cash loan with 0% interest rate from YagiPay - YagiLoan

The YagiLoan scheme is a unique scheme (on the YagiPay platform) specially designed with the aim to assist any eligible YagiPay member who is in need of a financial aid. The scheme is designed to grant instant financial loan to any eligible member of YagiPay platform. It is ideal to note that the maximum cash […]

Understanding The YagiAssure Scheme

Cash Assurance from YagiPay - YagiAssure

The YagiAssure is a special scheme from YagiPay which guarantees that every active member on the YagiPay platform must earn a minimum cumulative sum of 1.5 million Naira (₦1,500,000) within the first calendar year (12 months) of his/her registration on the platform. This assurance is applicable to all members provided the member complies to the […]

How To Appeal For YagiAssure Reconsideration

YagiAssure Reconsideration Appeal - YagiPay

You and I are both human. As human, we can’t be said to be perfect at all times hence we are prone to making mistakes and breaking bounds at some points. Here at YagiPay, we also understand that our users/members are also human and not completely perfect; hence each member has the tendency of violating […]

Use These Banners To Promote Your Referral Username

According to statistics from some marketing experts, picture-based advertisements (such as banners, fliers, etc) yield more results than mere text advertisements. During my conversation with Mr. Ekaose (CEO of EkAdvert Services), he disclosed that picture-based advertisements tend to produce more results because images have a greater tendency of attracting someone’s attention than text. According to […]

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