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Introducing The Dynamite Plan (TDP) On YagiPay

The Dynamite Plan (TDP) is an amazing plan on YagiPay which has proven to be more profitable than other available plans on the platform. In its unique nature, the Dynamite Plan features an X-by-10 commission structure, as well as Downline Rollover.

The X-by-10 commission structure feature implies that each user has the option to choose any matrix structure (form 3-by-10 to 10-by-10 matrix structure) which he/she deems convenient. Once a user has activated a particular matrix structure, then he/she will start earning the appropriate commissions for each of his/her activated downlines (from level-one downlines to level-ten  downlines). The commission rate varies and it’s base on the downline level of the activator.

The list below shows the commission rates for the various downline levels on the Dynamite plan ::

  • 40% commission for level-one downlines
  • 10% commission for level-two downlines
  • 10% commission for level-three downlines
  • 6% commission for level-four downlines
  • 6% commission for level-five downlines
  • 5% commission for level-six downlines
  • 5% commission for level-seven downlines
  • 4% commission for level-eight downlines
  • 3% commission for level-nine downlines
  • 3% commission for level-ten downlines

The Downline Roll-over feature helps members to easily and quickly fill each downline level by automatically placing each new activator in the best downline position which will facilitate the filling of each downline level. For instance, if the user A has chosen to maintain a 3-by-10 dynamite matrix plan, and A is able to invite 16 members into the platform. If each of these 16 members activates the dynamite plan, then:

  • Our system will automatically place the first 3 activators directly under the user A (This fills his level-one downline and upgrades A to the membership rank of Unit Head).
  • Also, our system will then place the next 9 activators under the 3 users that makes up A‘s level-one downline (3 activators will be placed under each of the 3 users that makes up A‘s level-one downline). This automatically fills A‘s level-two downlines and upgrades A to the membership rank of Leader.
  • Next, our system will place the remaining 4 activators under the downlines that make up A‘s level-two downlines.

Our system continues in the above structure until the user fills all his/her downline levels. The downline rollover feature has proven to be a very useful feature as it gives each member a sense of working as a team, and combines the efforts of each team (a user and his/her downlines) to achieve a common goal (which is to fill all the downline levels).

The Dynamite Plan is a prime factor in determining a user’s membership rank, which in-turn qualifies the user for membership incentives/bonuses, YagiLoan, as well as the YagiAssure.

The diagram below shows the summary of the commission structure of the Dynamite Plan on YagiPay ::
YagiPay TDP Plan - Commission Structure Infograph

Analysis ::

In this analysis, we are assuming that all the users are active dynamite plan members. Also, we assume that the user A is maintaining a 3-by-10 dynamite matrix plan.

  • From the illustration above, since A maintains a 3×10 dynamite matrix plan, then he has successfully filled his first downline level. This upgrades him to the membership rank of Unit Head.
  • Also, A has not filled his second downline level because some of his level-one downlines such as user B and D do not have up to 3 direct downlines respectively.
  • Although the user C has 5 direct downlines, A will only earn commissions for the first 3 direct downlines of C.
  • The user A will earn a 40% commission for each of the 3 members that make up his first downline level (that is the users B, C, and D).
  • The user A will earn a 10% commission for each of the 5 members that make up his second downline level (that is the users E, FGH, and I).
  • The user A will also earn a 10% commission for each of the 11 members that make up his third downline level (that is the users: F1, F2, F3F4G1, G2, H1, H2, H3, I1, and I2).
  • The user A will earn a 6% commission for each of the 4 members that make up his fourth downline level (that is the users: G2a, G2b, G2c, and G2d)
  • In addition, the user A will earn a 6% commission for each of the 2 members that make up his fifth downline level (that is the users: G2ai, and G2ci).
  • It continues in that order.

Activation Cost and Benefits ::

  • At the moment of updating this post, activating the dynamite plan on YagiPay requires only a one-time fee of ₦1200 (One Thousand, Two Hundred Naira Only).
  • On completion of the dynamite plan, the user is guaranteed a minimum cumulative earning of ₦3,200,000 {3.2 Million ₦aira}  … “The More You Invite,.. The More You Earn!!”.

Thank you for stopping by. … YagiPay is truly concerned about your financial success and independence.


Updated: October 13, 2016 — 11:00 am

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