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How To Appeal For YagiAssure Reconsideration

You and I are both human. As human, we can’t be said to be perfect at all times hence we are prone to making mistakes and breaking bounds at some points.

Here at YagiPay, we also understand that our users/members are also human and not completely perfect; hence each member has the tendency of violating the set terms of the YagiAssure scheme which will automatically led to the deactivation of the user from the YagiAssure scheme. In most scenarios, these violations tends to be unintentional (though there might be some deliberate violations) but no matter what led to the deactivation, the YagiPay team derives NO joy from the failure of its members, therefore we found it necessary to give every deactivated member another chance into the YagiAssure scheme. This led to the birth of the YagiAssure Reconsideration Appeal System.

YagiAssure Reconsideration Appeal - YagiPay

The YagiAssure Reconsideration Appeal System was invented with the sole aim of giving every deactivated member a chance to appeal for a reconsideration into the scheme. When a member appeals for reconsideration, we manually consider his/her appeal and will either approve or deny the appeal. It is our sole decision to either approve or deny any appeal based on some facts obtained from the user’s account.

If the appeal is approved, then the user will be reactivated on the YagiAssure scheme, but if the appeal is denied, the user will remain deactivated on the scheme.

How To Appeal For YagiAssure Reconsideration

Any member who has been deactivated from the YagiAssure scheme should CLICK HERE to submit his/her reconsideration appeal.

UPDATE :: The YagiAssure Reconsideration Appeal System has been suspended.

After an intensive debate and considerations, we have decided to suspend the YagiAssure Reconsideration Appeal System.

Does that imply that deactivated members will no longer be able to reactivate their accounts again?

NO!!… At YagiPay, we are much concerned about the financial success of our members, and strive to run our platform on a very transparent system,.. giving everybody ‘an equal share of the cake’. Therefore, we didn’t just suspend the reconsideration appeal system, rather we replaced the system with an easier, faster, more flexible and more transparent system.

The new YagiAssure reactivation system is designed such that every YagiPay member has the ability to reactivate his/her account at anytime provided he/she has fixed the issue(s) that led to the deactivation. The new reactivation system also has the ability to automatically reactivate any deactivated account — based on some predefined rules –.

How To Reactivate An Account Using The New Reactivation System

In order to reactivate your account on the YagiAssure scheme, simply log into your YagiPay account; On the sidebar menu, click on YagiAssure ..you will then be redirected to the YagiAssure page.

If all the issues that led to the deactivation has been fixed, you will see a notice which indicates that you can reactivate your account (see figure-1 below), else you will see a notice which will indicate the issues that need to be fixed before you can reactivate your account (see figure-2 below).

  • Figure-1 :: (Click on the image to enlarge)

How to reactivate a YagiAssure account

  • Figure-2 :: (Click on the image to enlarge)

How to reactivate a YagiAssure account

We believe that the new reactivation system will serve you better and faster… Happy Earning!!

Thank you for stopping by. … YagiPay is truly concerned about your financial success and independence.


Updated: September 19, 2016 — 4:51 pm

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