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10 Reasons Why You Should Activate All The Plans On YagiPay

One major question that users often ask about the YagiPay platform is “Must I activate all the plans on the YagiPay plaform?”. This has proven to be a frequent question, hence we have decided to address the question here.

As also stated on our FAQ page, the answer to that question is No !!,.. Members of the YagiPay platform are not mandated to activate ALL the plans on the platform, but we recommend that you do so because of the following reasons:

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Reason 1 :: To avoid being deactivated from the YagiAssure Scheme.

  • The YagiAssure scheme is a unique package on the YagiPay platform which guarantees that every active member (who adheres to the Terms of the YagiAssure Scheme) on the platform must earn a minimum cumulative sum of 1.5 million Naira (₦1,500,000) within his/her first year (12 months) on the platform. If for any reason such a member fails to earn the stated minimum amount, the YagiPay team will pay the member an instant 2 million Naira (₦2,000,000) …..No Questions Asked.

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Reason 2 :: To maximize earning.

  • The YagiPay platform comprises of 5 plans. Each of these plans has been designed to generate a certain amount of money/commission for the active member but these commissions are only paid to members (upliine) who have already activated the particular plan being activated by his/her downline.

For Instance:

If ‘A‘ invites ‘B‘ into the platform, but ‘A‘ activated only the 5-by-5 plan, the MSP plan, and the DPP plan, then;

  • A‘ will be paid the appropriate commission whenever ‘B‘ activates the 5-by-5 plan.
  • A‘ will be paid the appropriate commission whenever ‘B‘ activates the MSP plan.
  • A‘ will be paid the appropriate commission whenever ‘B‘ activates the DPP plan.
  • A‘ will NOT be paid the any commission when ‘B‘ activates the RATA plan.
  • A‘ will NOT be paid the any commission when ‘B‘ activates the Dynamite plan.

Click Here to learn more about the various plans on the YagiPay platform.

Reason 3 :: To increase your chances of borrowing money from the YagiLoan scheme.

  • The YagiLoan scheme is another unique scheme on the YagiPay platform solely designed to financially assist any eligible YagiPay member by granting a certain amount of money as a loan to such a member who is in need of a financial loan. All loan requests are manually considered and only approved to members who have proven to be active and serious on the YagiPay platform. One way to prove to us that you are an active and serious YagiPay member is by activating all the plans on the platform.

Click Here to learn more about the YagiLoan scheme.

Reason 4 :: To avoid losing your downline to another YagiPay member.

  • Some plans on the YagiPay platform (such as the Dynamite plan) are designed such that any member who activates the plan must be placed under another member who have already activated the same plan.

For Instance:

If ‘A‘ invites ‘B‘ into the platform, and ‘B‘ invites ‘C‘ into the platform. If ‘A‘ activates the Dynamite plan, and ‘B‘ did NOT activate the Dynamite plan; then if ‘C‘ later decides to activate the Dynamite plan, ideally ‘C‘ should be placed under ‘B‘ on the Dynamite plan, but for the fact that ‘B‘ has not activated the Dynamite plan, ‘C‘ will be then placed under ‘A‘ (who has activated the plan).

This implies that ‘B‘ will forever loss the 40% commission that should have been paid to him/her and also loss other commissions that will later be generated by all the downlines of ‘C‘ (both direct and indirect downlines).

WORD OF ADVICE: Ensure that you activate all the plans as soon as possible before your downline activate his/her own plan. This is to avoid losing your prospective earnings just like ‘B‘ in the illustration above.

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Reason 5 :: To increase your chances of attending higher YagiPay membership ranks.

  • Here at YagiPay, we acknowledge the efforts of our active members by grading our members into different membership ranks. We also appreciate these efforts by rewarding our members based on their ranks. Each rank attracts a different set of bonus, incentives and privileges. The higher the rank,.. the higher the bonus, incentives, and privileges being granted to the member.

Click Here for the various bonuses and incentives granted to the various ranks.

Reason 6 :: To get you motivated and serious with the YagiPay platform.

  • The original human nature has proven to be less committed to things that cost them nothing. This same principal has also been observed among YagiPay members. Any member who has not activated any plan on the platform tends to take everything for granted and appears less serious while members who have activated at-least one plan appears to be more committed in order to earn the money he/she invested into the platform. In a likely manner (based on our statistics), a member who has activated 4 plans has proven to be more committed and serious on the platform than a member who activates only 2 or 3 plans.
  • In our own word, based on our statistics, activating all the plans has a way of motivating you into doing more.

Reason 7 ::

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Reason 8 ::

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Reason 9 ::

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Reason 10 ::

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Thank you for stopping by. … YagiPay is truly concerned about your financial success and independence.


Updated: September 17, 2016 — 9:50 pm

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